Many of our favourite customers have used this option to create individualised gifts for special occasions - kids birthday party, baby showers, christenings, weddings, etc

With our limited resources, we cannot do everything that is requested of us. We will do what we can to accomodate your request and deliver goodies that are customised just for you. Some examples of our goodies are shown on our gallery page and our products page. The goodies that you can custom order are not limited to the items shown there.

If you have something in mind, just talk to us.

You can contact us here or from your own email app by email.

Note When placing a custom order please note:

  1. A minimum quantity must be ordered. This depends on what you are ordering. We will let you know once we have your requirements.
  2. It would greatly help if you could let us know the following when you contact us about your custom order:
    • Describe clearly what you like to have. You can refer to an item in our Gallery page if you like.
    • List any ingredients that you like to have or not have. e.g. no nuts, less sugar, etc
    • The quantity required - number in each bag. total number of bags
    • When you want them
    • What occasion is this for