Ingredient List

Designed to allow you to easily create and access a handy list of ingredients and the quantity of each ingredient for your recipes. Simply add the ingredients and the quantity under the name of a recipe. You can even put down notes and modify the ingredients as you refine your recipe over time. Bring the list along for your shopping. (The free version is limited to 9 saved recipe only.

Adapt the quantity. A very useful feature is that the list helps you easily adapt the recipe for different quantities. Simply enter the number you want in one of the text field and the quantity of all other ingredients will be updated proportionately.

Create a shopping list. Send the ingredient to the Reminder App with one click. (available only in the Enhanced Version)

Convert the unit. The ingredient list integrates with the app's conversion function, allowing you to easily convert the units. Simply, touch hold an ingredient. This will bring up a 'Convert' menu. Clicking this menu will bring you to the appropriate conversion page of the app. (available only in the Enhanced Version)

Share it. You can share the ingredients with your friends via email, facebook, twitter, etc.

Conversion tools

  1. Liquid conversions - convert between metric, cups, imperial, teaspoon, tablespoon (Australia), tablespoon (UK)
  2. Cup measures - convert between metric, cups and imperial for various ingredients, e.g. if the recipe say 2 cups of raisins, what is that in terms of gram or ounce?
  3. Temperature conversions (enhanced version only)
  4. Weight conversion (enhanced version only)
  5. Length conversion (enhanced version only)

Cooking Timer

A simple timer to help with your cooking. Once you have started the timer, you will be informed once the time is up. It will even remind you through notification even if the app is not currently active. (available only in the Enhanced Version)

For even more advance function, why not try the Gourmet Cooking Timer app. It has multiple timers and a range of customisable features that are desiged to aid your cooking.


Designed to work on all iOS device running iOS 6.0 or above.

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Feedback and Support

Encourage us to keep adding features to this app or even to create a new app by let using know your thoughts and ideas. The basic version of this app is free and we intend to keep it this way. If you feel like supporting us you may wish to make a small donation.

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