To us, the joy of baking does not stop at seeing raw ingredients turning into baked goodies, but most importantly, when knowing that they light up your day in some way.

We know that freshness is the key for the best flavour, that’s why all our goodies are baked on order, your order alone.

Non-edible Sustenance

Apart from our “edible” goodies, we also hope to offer you some food for thoughts as Jesus says:

“Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

(Matthew 4:4)

So look out for them on our pack and check out our Blog. We are also gradually building up a collection of spiritual food (i.e. links to various resources online). Please let us know if you have any suggestions.

Supporting Benevolent Causes

This is a for profit business with a twist. We are not driven by the desire to make money or to enrich ourselves alone. Our deep desire is to make a difference in people's life: Make you smile when enjoying our goodies; put a spark in your life through inspiration blogs, podcasts and videos.

Money and profit are important to keep this going. This is only going to happen with your continuing support and business. Our aim is that most of the profit will be used to support worthwhile benevolent and charitable causes.

If you would like to support us, one way to do so is to order our goodies. You can also make a donation. (All money received (less fees charged by PayPal) will only be used to support benevolent causes.

Enjoy it!

From the bottom of our hearts, we hope you enjoy all our goodies. Feel free to drop us a line and give us your feedbeek.

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